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Achieving Defensible Data Privacy

Author: Tim Steele
Defensible data privacy

Defensible Data Privacy – Why It’s Important

A recent article by The Association of Corporate Counsel ( stresses the importance of defensible data privacy: “Organizations’ obligations to manage data—and the costs of failure—are growing exponentially.” Other sources cite evidence that legal leaders are focused on compliance, risk mitigation and data. Among their chief concerns include:

  • 63% are most concerned about Business Risk
  • 60% say Data Privacy is the biggest legal risk

Cybersecurity Alone Is Not Adequate

Data breaches outpace the increase in cyber security budgets by 200%+. Data is roaming free, untethered, and must be made safe from external threats. 57% of Chief Data Officers estimate the cost of data quality doubled in the past 3 years. To that end, 45% say unstructured data is the focus of data-driven initiatives and agree sensitive data classification is a ‘Top 3’ initiative.

How to Achieve This Initiative

The ACC article cites 10 key steps to achieve this initiative, including:

  • Know Your Data
  • Operationalize Data Retention
  • Defensible Data Deletion
  • Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs)
  • Incident and Breach Management

Heureka’s platform supports this initiative in the following ways.

  1. Know Your Data – Data mapping and indexing inventories all unstructured data by context, file type and date
  2. Data Retention Enforcement – files can now be dispositioned based on file create and/or modified date
  3. Defensible Data Deletion – Classification tags assigned to each file indicate retention or file disposal. Dispositions include Quarantine, Collect, Delete or Encrypt. More to come on this topic in a future blog.
  4. DSARs & Breach Management – supporting both DSAR management and breach response workflows with fast data location and indexing, outlined in detail in future blogs…

DSARs are particularly daunting. 30% of respondents in a recent survey expect a significant increase in DSAR requests post-pandemic. The main challenge of DSARs is the difficulty of indexing the data, contributing to the DSAR cost of $1,400.

Defensible data privacy process

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