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A recent Forbes article spells out the priorities for CISO’s in 2019 and the very first issue speaks directly to one of Heurkea’s top use cases, “You can’t secure what you can’t see…“. The inability to have deep knowledge into unstructured data has been a problem for many years, but one Heureka has tackled head-on with the ability to search, categorize, quarantine, collect or delete files with an unprecedented level of control.

Another excellent point in the article is addressing risks from inside the firewall. “…an attack won’t be launched through the perimeter, but from within the network, or from within an authorized device.” Here again is an excellent use case for Heureka in an enterprise environment. Having the ability to rapidly deploy and analyze risk on unstructured data on virtually any operating system becomes the key to locating and protecting the most sensitive data an organization may have.

The use or non-use of encryption on sensitive data can be easily visualized on Heureka’s risk dashboard and files that need deeper review or understanding can be swiftly identified and classified for further review on Heureka’s platform using the new Heureka ACT™ functionality. It is vital to understand what sensitive data exists within the unstructured data and who has access to that information. Once files and users are identified, Heureka provides the tools necessary to gain control of those files saving a lot of potential time required by the IT staff to remediate at the endpoint level.

CISO’s, CSO’s and IT will continue to be challenged throughout 2019. Heureka’s goal is to support and help bridge the gaps that exist in today’s unstructured data world while giving you a single tool to cover multiple angles within your organization.