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Heureka Software introduced ACT™ (Advanced Classification & Tagging) at LegalTech 2019 in New York City. ACT provides information security, privacy and E-Discovery professionals the visibility they need to identify and govern critical, sensitive or privileged data across the entire enterprise. 

Heureka is the first platform to provide true multi-matter intelligence sharing outside the review platforms.  Heureka’s ACT allows users to import matter tags back into the Heureka platform and apply those tags to specific documents based on the file’s fingerprint. Best of all, Heureka syncs all tagging intelligence in a single place and will apply intelligence gained on a single file across all files throughout the enterprise. In other words, files become smarter through time.

Heureka can also import data intelligence gained from analytics platforms such as Canopyco™,Contexture™, orAyfie™. Heureka’s unique shared-intelligence platform blends traditional human knowledge classification with intelligence gained by AI or ML.

  • Reuse knowledge gained during review
  • Central library for all tag decisions
  • Files become “smarter” over time
  • Inclusion of AI and Machine Learning analytics