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Heureka arrives in Relativity App Hub

Author: Nate Latessa, President

Starting today, Heureka users may now collect and export files and information to any Relativity workspace. As a Relativity Development Partner, Heureka has landed in the Relativity App Hub joining other partners who work within the Relativity ecosystem to help extend its functionality.

Along with standard file metadata, Heureka’s unique automated data classification information can be imported for a shared intelligence experience within Relativity. Once data has been imported,  information can be displayed on dashboards, grids or tag panes giving users an even greater depth of knowledge into each file collected.

Heureka’s naturally distributed search platform makes it easy and cost-effective to search and analyze data at the point of creation, across thousands of machines simultaneously, to surgically target relevant information for processing and review. If you would like to see Heureka in action, contact Nate Latessa.