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Heureka beats the competition

Author: Tim Steele

Heureka Software was recently benchmarked against some of the toughest competitors in DLP and insider threat/data classification software categories. When the dust settled, Heureka beat our competitors by easily outperforming all of them on the basis of price and performance!

Round 1 – Client Requirements

The client had specific job needs and workflow in the areas of compliance, property protection, security action and deployment, and finally infrastructure protection. The winning system had to cover multiple workflows within the environment yet maintain an affordable price structure.

The scope of this project included Windows workstations and Linux file shares. The final installation covers over 9000 endpoints along with file shares in multiple data centers.

Several vendors were eliminated due to the lack of their software’s ability to cover multiple workflows or their extremely high price structures ($1M+). Heureka was able to cover all workflow areas required while maintaining an acceptable enterprise license cost.

“We ruled out other vendors based on their very high cost, intrusive nature of some data analysis, and in one case, lack of true Cloud Computing offering.”

Round 2 – Proof of Concept

Only two vendors moved to the final POC round. It was at this point that Heureka took the lead. Within the first 24 hours of POC deployment, including customization of endpoint indexing paths, Heureka was illuminating PII risk on the POC deployed endpoints.

Heureka’s competition did not fair as well. “(Competition)…was unable to accurately and confidently connect within our environment. Indexing the unstructured data was a laboriously long process and, in some cases, never fully indexed. With Heureka, “we achieved complete success. Once we established a list of endpoints, the indexing process happened very quickly. Within minutes, data was being reported back on critical data including PII, Credit Card #’s, SSN’s, Bank Routing #’s, etc.”

Round 3 – Final analysis (knock out)

In the final analysis, Heureka beat all of the competitors on both price and performance. We quickly and efficiently installed endpoints and provided rapid PII detection. Heureka’s ability to report, collect, delete, quarantine and globally classify data established itself as the clear winner against some seasoned software veterans in their respective fields.


“Heureka’s ability to rapidly deploy, index, and report data are impressive. Additionally, they substantially address areas beyond, but associated with DLP including Data Classification, eDiscovery, and incident response.”


“Heureka’s pricing model, even before discounts, is dramatically less than the other vendors. We get a four-in-one application solution for the price of a single platform.”

Heureka Software excels at providing intelligence on unstructured data in a rapid and affordable manner. Our solution covers both on-premises or cloud-based workflows, from small businesses to large. The Heureka platform can cover multiple business use cases in areas such as governance, risk and compliance, cyber security and E-Discovery.