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One of Heureka’s core strengths is its ability to provide specific and targeted information to users on a daily basis. Two key components are Heureka’s risk dashboard and the ability to perform broad searches for data mapping.

Data Mapping

Second is Heureka’s ability to run broad searches and provide data maps for endpoints. Important information such as file types, aging, location, and size in combination with potential risk give you a full view of where your data is located and potentially what may be the most critical and sensitive data in your environment.

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Risk Dashboard

Heureka’s risk dashboard displays not only the current risk across installed endpoints but also includes a 30-day trend giving you an instant view of today and the past 30 days to look for risk across your organization. The risk dashboard is completely automatic and requires zero user intervention as our classification engine runs and updates the dashboard daily. The risk dashboard also provides a direct endpoint search for file-level information giving you the ability to quickly evaluate an endpoint’s risk.