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Heureka Holiday Gift-Software version 2.93

Author: Nate Latessa, President

The software team has been hard at work throughout the holidays and is proud to announce our last release of 2017, version 2.93. 

Version 2.93 includes two new features. First, a common request from our users was the ability to rename an endpoint once it has checked into Interrogate. This feature is included in the latest release and is performed from the endpoints page. The newly selected name is instantly available across the entire Interrogate interface including the dashboard and endpoint groups. You are not required to recreate group names or reselect the new endpoint name.

The second feature gives an administrator the ability to enable and disable a user from the User Administration page with a single click. Users will now see an “Active” button which can be deselected to disable a user. Once disabled a user will not be able to log into the system or access the FTP file share for collections. For our on-premises customers we have also fixed a bug in trace logging which could take up needless space on the appliance.