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Tableau workbook for data visualization

Author: Nate Latessa, President

Heureka has expanded the ability to visualize and interact with data outside of the Heureka platform using Tableau. Our team has created sharable workbooks and dashboards that take all the work out of creating visual analytics.

Best of all, every dashboard is completely interactive allowing users to customize dates, custodian (computers), and file types with instant feedback and visual results.

Wanna take a test drive? Click here to check out Heureka’s Tableau public site where you can interact with the data.




Existing Tableau users simply import a flat-file CSV from Heureka’s Interrogate into the supplied workbook.

Once imported users can visualize and interact with the following:

  • Dates
  • Custodians (Endpoints)
  • File Categories
  • Duplicate file information
  • Top 10’s showing Users by file count/file size/risk score
  • File counts by year, category or size
  • File growth by category or count over time
  • Potentially redundant, trivial or obsolete files (ROT)
  • Potential Risk (Credit Cards, Social Security Numbers, Bank Routing Number, etc)

Standard data views provide the opportunity for users to easily overlook their most important information. When combining Tableau with Heureka data, actionable insight becomes instantly accessible allowing users to spot visual patterns quickly and efficiently. A user can also easily create filtered data reports for quick and easy communication.

Your data has a story to tell! Let Heureka and Tableau illustrate it for you.