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Forbes Top 10 Hot Data Security and Privacy Technologies

Author: Nate Latessa, President

Heureka Software is proud to be part of the Top 10 Hot Data Security and Privacy Technologies in a recent Forbes Magazine article by Gil Press. After evaluating Forrester’s “TechRadar: Data Security And Privacy, Q4 2017“, Heureka Software was included in the data discovery and flow mapping category along with other vendors working to help companies comply with GDPR.

As noted in the article, Heureka helps companies by automatically discovering and classifying information on a daily basis and provides tools for immediate file action including collecting, quarantining or deletion. All of this occurs through a single interface spanning hundreds or thousands of endpoints. The Heureka platform addresses multiple articles within GDPR including article 17 “right to be forgotten”, and articles 33 & 34 regarding data breach notifications.

The article’s graph clearly shows data discovery and flow mapping  on the highest business value curve with significant success and rapidly moving from the “survival” ecosystem phase to “growth”. This area is shared data privacy management solutions and consent/data subject rights management. Translation – the tools provided by systems such as Heureka are showing significant success and are rapidly expanding into growth as features continue to be built out.

We cannot agree more with Forrester’s assessment in the article which states, “Perimeter-based approaches to security have become outdated. Security and privacy pros must take a data-centric approach to make certain that security travels with the data itself-not only to protect it from cybercriminals but also to ensure that privacy policies remain in effect.”