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Heureka Software releases Interrogate version 2.85

Author: Nate Latessa, President

Heureka Software is happy to announce Interrogate version 2.85. Our major focus for this version was to increase speed and create a new user experience especially when working with search results. The search results interface has been rebuilt for better at-a-glance updates. Search and endpoint status views have been rearranged to display more accuracy while file-level actions like collect, quarantine and delete were made easier to use and understand.

The endpoint detail grid now displays the hardware specification for each endpoint including Mac, PC and Linux operating systems as well as physical and virtual installations. Endpoint status is also automatically updated and displayed during the various phases of Interrogate file interaction including searching, collecting, quarantining and deleting.

Heureka’s automatic classification engine has also been improved to speed up the daily reindexing of information. Cloud-based installations will automatically update with version 2.85. For on-prem installations, please contact Heureka support.

For more information on Interrogate, please contact Nate Latessa.