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Heureka Software releases Interrogate Version 2.90

Author: Nate Latessa, President

Heureka has released Interrogate version 2.90. Our new release includes the ability to create and manage scheduled searches from a single command console location. This level of automation reduces the need to manually create the same search over various periods of time.

Scheduled searching helps automate your workflow by allowing you to create daily, weekly or monthly schedules. You can search for PII information, file hash values, dates, file names, extensions, keywords or queries across any endpoint groups or all of your endpoints if necessary.

Use cases include monthly audit reports which become easier to run as your search can be scheduled in advance and waiting on you when you log into the system. Daily, weekly or monthly PII searches can also be automated to return file-level information. Some users may want to schedule a weekly sweep for file-based indicators of compromise. All of these are now possible with scheduled searching.

Various bug fixes and improvements have also been included in this release including previous irregularities with Firefox, new tag grouping and color arrangement improvements as well as an added search query help guide.

All Heureka cloud-based clients have been automatically updated with endpoints performing automatic updates upon check-in with their command console. On-Premises clients can contact their Heureka account manager for updates.