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Heureka Software releases Interrogate Version 2.91

Author: Nate Latessa, President

Heureka software has released version 2.91 of Interrogate. Our newest version includes a risk dashboard rebuilt to provide faster information with deeper intelligence. Additionally, Interrogate now includes the ability to perform regular expression (RegEx) searches to look for specific patterns across your endpoints including file shares.

Our new dashboard design provides immediate risk results for each endpoint over the last 24 hours or provides results for all endpoints over the last 30 days. Additionally, the 30 day tracking grid displays a trend line for an easy view of your risk trend for the past month. New colors have been added to better support those with color vision deficiency for ADA compliance.

The new RegEx search can help locate and classify many different patterns including intellectual property or employee/student identification numbers. When incorporated in a GDPR workflow, Interrogate can help find patterns such as EU-based national identity cards, or other types of PII information. RegEx runs alongside Heureka’s automated pattern-search and classification engine and are files are automatically classified with an item tag once they return a positive result.

RegEx tags are also built into Interrogate’s search criteria page allowing you to combine items such as keywords, phrase or Boolean searches with RegEx tagged documents. When used in combination with other search criteria, a large amount of false positive pattern hits can be eliminated thereby increasing your positive hits allowing you to focus on only what is important.

Heureka’s cloud-based customers received the newest version automatically. On-premises clients can contact support for their latest download and install.