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Heureka Software releases Interrogate Version 2.92

Author: Nate Latessa, President

Heureka software has released version 2.92 of Interrogate. Our newest version provides users with more endpoint interactivity as well as the ability to discover parent/child relationships for emails.

Our latest version adds functionality to the risk dashboard by allowing the user to select one or many endpoints in which to focus on. We also added the ability to select a top 10, 25, 50 and 75 highest risk endpoints to further eliminate lower risk computers from view. Once selected, all 30 day trends and risk types are automatically updated to reflect only the values for the selected endpoints. The interactivity now allows users to evaluate specific endpoints and gain greater insight into the risk over the course of 30 days.

For Heureka customers focused on E-Discovery, we have added the ability to discover the parent/child relationships for emails. Once a search is completed, a user can select email messages and instruct the system to find parent emails. Each endpoint that is in scope will identify attachments as children and apply icons on the attachment defining the parent message.

When collecting files, users may now select the option to only collect parent emails. This improves the workflow for E-Discovery professionals who may be processing files for review as attachments will be ignored allowing the processing engine to perform the extraction and preserving the parent/child relationship in review.