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Heureka Intelligence Platform at LegalTech 2016

Author: Nate Latessa, President

Cleveland, Ohio, January 22, 2016 – Heureka Software, announced today that it has released Version 2.3 of its Heureka Intelligence Platform (HIP) including the search application, “Interrogate.” Interrogate allows organizations to find unstructured and semi-structured dark data that exists in their organizations endpoint computers and servers on both Windows and Macintosh operating systems. In addition to the current search functionality of keywords, dates, file owner, file or application types and hash values, Interrogate now allows for Boolean, proximity, fuzzy logic, and pattern match search capabilities. Heureka will be introducing and demonstrating HIP version 2.3 at LegalTech in New York City February 2-4th.

“After working with numerous customers and end-users this past year and deploying dozens of installations, we recognized not only how disruptive our new innovation was, but just how many different use cases could be derived from our originally intended use case,” says Ron Copfer, Founder and CEO of Heureka. “With this launch, we not only provide a foundational search application that customers can use out-of-the-box to query dark data directly on endpoints but the fastest platform ever released for Early Case Assessment.”

Mark Minehart, VP of Product Development added, “We continue to invest significantly in the product development team, architectural rigor, and engineering craft to enable us to develop and release features rapidly. Version 2.3 clearly demonstrates these investments are helping accelerate our product momentum and speed to market.”

Copfer continued: “HIP was built from the ground up to overcome common challenges and complexities inherent with traditional big data and endpoint discovery solutions. Our naturally distributed architecture requires minimal server infrastructure and delivers near real-time data and analytics from all computers and servers. HIP can be installed on premise or utilized as a Software as a Service.”
HIP is the world’s first platform that unifies the functions of the File Analysis (FA), Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR), Electronic Data Discovery (EDD), Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Data Classification Services (DCS), Enterprise Search (ES) and Governance and Risk & Compliance (GRC) markets across all organizational endpoints through one central pane of glass.


About Heureka Software
The Heureka Intelligence Platform (HIP) provides a unified framework that enables organizations to identify information and gather intelligence from their digital endpoints on a global scale, in real time. HIP allows you to discover and analyze data in-place for strategic, surgical incident and event response. To learn more about Heureka Software please visit: