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Heureka Software releases version 2.94

Author: Nate Latessa, President

Heureka Software has released version 2.94. Our newest version provides users with more endpoint detail and control as well as the newly added ability to export to E-Discovery platforms for legal document review!

E-Discovery export has arrived! Users can now choose to export files with a standard DAT/NATIVE-style which includes the options for prefix, document control number or a suffix. All files are exported into a high-level folder and includes a DAT for loading into a review platform. Anyone with an E-Discovery review platform should easily be able to import native files along with the DAT file.

The new version allows users to interactively select a single day on their 30-day risk chart for a clear view on all the endpoints returning information for that day. This helps users determine the nature of their daily changes in overall risk and endpoint status. From there users can easily drill down to file-level results for a more precise view.

Users now have the ability to stop a search after it has been initiated. All endpoints will immediately suspend their action and continue on as normal. This feature is important for users who may begin searching too broadly or after a quick view of results notice they may have false positives or over inclusive parameters.

Enhancements to group filters on our search criteria pages have been made as well. Filters are now in place for all groups and any group that has a large volume of names in its library will be more responsive.

Heureka’s cloud-based systems were automatically updated today and our on-premises update is available immediately.