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Heureka Software Releases version 2.95

Author: Nate Latessa, President

Heureka Software has released version 2.95. Our newest version adds new date fields and better E-Discovery export controls.

Version 2.95 is focused on displaying and searching on more metadata than ever before. We have added five new date fields for viewing and filtering including Date Created, Date Modified, Date Accessed and Email Sent and Received dates. This gives users much more granular control over the data they are looking for based on dates.

Additionally, we have added more E-Discovery focused tools by including multiple export methods for your data including limiting the export to only parent emails, only loose files or a combination of parent and loose files only.

This allows e-discovery professionals to customize their Heureka export to the exact style needed for their review platform. For example, if you are exporting files for external processing you may only want parent and loose emails so that your processing engine can extract attachments for you. You can now define exactly how you want your export files to be delivered.

Finally, thanks to direct feedback from our clients, we added the ability to delete files from an FTP collection. This gives our users the ultimate control for files on their endpoints using Heureka’s collect, quarantine, and delete functions as well as total control of collected files.

Heureka’s cloud-based systems were automatically updated today and our on-premises update is available immediately.