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Heureka Software Releases Version 2.98

Author: Nate Latessa, President

Heureka Software has released version 2.98. Our newest version focuses on productivity and security.

On the security front, Heureka has introduced two-factor authentication (2FA) to the Heureka platform. 2FA adds an additional level of security by creating a third layer to the login process. Once enabled, a user will type in their username, password and a six-digit code generated from a mobile device in order to log into the system.

Processed text export has arrived! Beginning in this release, all users have the ability to export fully processed text along with native files. Essentially Heureka paves the way toward greatly reducing or completely eliminating file processing for certain review platforms. Heureka now exports a traditional DAT/NATIVE/TEXT format giving users incredible speed and flexibility to import information directly into their review platform. No additional processing is necessary which greatly reduces the time required from collection to review.

Thanks to customer feedback, users may now remove multiple endpoints when needed. This function is especially useful in large enterprise deployments where assets are repurposed or taken offline.

Finally, general improvements to the endpoint upgrade process have been made. We have greatly reduced network traffic generated during the update process. This improvement helps enterprise clients who may be attempting to update thousands of endpoints at the same time.