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Heureka Software welcomes Kyle Kelly

Author: Nate Latessa, President

Heureka Software welcomes our newest team member Kyle Kelly. Kyle comes to us from Salesforce and will continue to live and work in San Francisco. Kyle’s primary role will be as a Sales Engineer with a multitude of responsibilities including sales, training and support.

Kyle has a BSc in Digital Computer Forensics from Champlain College in Vermont and an MSc in Digital Investigation from University College Dublin in Dublin, Ireland. Kyle has spent a considerable amount of time in the E-Discovery space including computer and cell phone forensics as well as review platforms and software. His focus has always been to find the most innovative solution to tackle current and future e-discovery challenges and has extensive enterprise experience.

In his spare time, Kyle loves traveling the globe, brewing beer, attending concerts at local venues or throwing a dodgeball! He is always on the hunt for a good bowl of ramen noodles or some waves to catch.

If you would like to chat with Kyle you can email him here.