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Google fined $57M by French data privacy body

Author: Nate Latessa, President

The world is waking up to more GDPR fines with the latest being Google. The French data privacy body CNIL has fined Google $57M for failure to comply with GDPR regulations. Larger companies are being targeted around the idea of “forced consent”. In other words, a “take it or leave it” approach is being used which leaves many users no choice when considering privacy issues.

In an interesting timing move, last month Google announced they were shifting control of European data from the U.S. to Ireland. I’m sure many companies will follow suit if they haven’t already.

Heureka certainly has a strong part to play in GDPR in that we provide companies with an unparalleled view into their unstructured data along with the tools in which to help them comply with GDPR regulations.

A detailed article can be found here.