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The More You Know: Visibility Into The Unknown

Author: Nate Latessa, President

As companies grow from small rooms and late nights, into large global corporations that operate business hours following the sun; so does the volume of data that gets created along the way. This expansive growth of data migrates over the years just as the policies and procedures are created to handle the load of employees, customers, and work product. During this time of exponential data growth there is often a loss of accountability on where data goes that could be categorized at ROT (Redundant, Obsolete, Trivial). Ultimately it is data ROT that can be potentially damaging to the success of the company and its customers.


Heureka’s platform is built to provide incredible visibility into these types of potentially compromising troves of data that would have otherwise not been accessible. With a full text and metadata index of legacy data archives/repositories and out-of-the-box automated PII classification (such as Credit Card, SSN, Bank Routing Numbers), you can quickly identify your risk without having to collect or process anything.


Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 12.24.20 AM


Recently a client’s file share index highlighted around 50k files that contained risk and showed a filename structure of “month_paystub.xls”. Importing a full inventory export into Heureka’s Tableau workbook provided analytics such that; there was over 50% deduplication highlighted by file type, location of affected files, and by utilizing Heureka’s quarantine feature a way to remediate the risk from a single console.

Heureka’s ability to provide depth of visibility in a short time frame has helped companies make more actionable decisions on large quantities of data while being able to protect sensitive data like never before.  And as data grows exponentially, companies require full visibility on all data deltas (added and deleted) to quickly identify risk and help take control and manage overall growth.