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Tired of me yet? -WannaCry

Author: Nate Latessa, President



You, like many may be growing tired of reading about the WannaCry ransomware. Instead of rehashing the where, when and why this happened, we thought it would be a perfect time to discuss the importance and criticality of your data. This includes data not only on your personal device but data on systems throughout your company. Think of the computer or device you are on right now. What if, in the blink of an eye your device was locked and you were asked to pay ransom for your files. Would you do it? Did you do it? More importantly, what exactly would you lose if you chose not to pay up? Unlike a data breach, ransomware encrypts (locks) your files rendering it and perhaps the computer it is sitting on worthless until you pay up.

One of the core functions of Heureka’s Interrogate is to help you and your company understand your data and specifically the data that matters most such as social security numbers, credit cards, bank routing numbers, intellectual property, etc. Knowing where your data exists is extremely critical when we discuss data theft whether by an employee or from a breach because you can take the appropriate steps to protect it. Ransomware is not data theft but does not negate the need to understand the type of data you have and its location.

Many of our clients have a “Heureka moment” once they begin the data discovery process. Files with critical and sensitive data appear in unexpected places including random, buried folders or the deleted items folder inside Outlook. In many environments sensitive information will lie dormant in the recycle bin or the trash folder because there is no policy to delete those files and users forget to empty their trash. When it comes to ransomware, cloud storage or cloud-based apps can be a lifesaver however most users lack the tools to locate or migrate older information to the cloud. Should ransomware hit, critical information can be locked unknowingly because a user simply had no idea what their system inventory contained with had no efficient means to move it to an appropriate storage location. Heureka changes this by providing tools to rapidly identify information and move it to a better protected location.

A complete understanding of your data content and location along with tools to help you collect and protect your data provides a huge piece of mind when ransomware or data breaches occur. Not knowing where your data exists can no longer be an option.