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CCPA Series Part 2: Unstructured Data – The Crux of CCPA

Author: Tim Steele

If there is one thing to know about the California Consumer Privacy Act, it’s that your organization must be prepared to handle all kinds of data including structured and more importantly unstructured data.

In this second segment of our CCPA Series, we cover the important topic of unstructured data, and what your organization can do to be ready for the regulation, which goes into effect on January 1, 2020 and establishes greater transparency around data use and privacy.

Managing Unstructured Data

Unstructured data is growing incredibly fast, at 63% annually, and in fact makes up 80% of all organizational data. That is not a problem in and of itself, but organizations have traditionally had major issues identifying even the most basic of information let alone important details such as PII within the data content.

There is a mad scramble as companies try to interpret and adhere to CCPA, and computer architecture is a big sticking point. For example, consumers’ Personally Identifiable Information (PII) can reside in many databases, and a single consumer’s PII can be listed differently in a number of places.

Heureka has the ability to index and understand the content held within the unstructured data. Our classification engine seamlessly automates the identification of PII data within unstructured data, ultimately preparing organizations for CCPA. Heureka has the ability to search and target individuals within the data set for CCPA purposes, including reporting and file actions. 

Few providers can reach the endpoint level like Heureka does, and Heureka’s system keeps those indexes local. This is critical in a privacy environment that is hyper-sensitive to copying and relocating data.

Heureka for Unstructured Data

To prepare for CCPA and the many other looming regulations, organizations must be able to interrogate unstructured data on-demand and at its source. Heureka has revolutionized this interrogation process by enabling searches across thousands of machines simultaneously, surgically targeting personal information in a matter of minutes.

Schedule your demo now and get to know Heureka’s step-by-step approach for preparing for CCPA.

See the first segment of our CCPA Series, highlighting the key differences between California’s landmark regulation and Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation. And stay tuned for our next segment, focused on reporting and file actions.