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Simplify GDPR Compliance

GDPR provides uniform laws across the EU and creates rules relating to the processing, protection, and movement of personal data.  As stated, “this regulation protects fundamental rights and freedoms of natural persons and in particular their right to the protection of personal data.”

GDPR and The Heureka Intelligence Platform

Heureka has broad endpoint support including macOS®, Windows™and Linux™and can be deployed as a cloud-based or on-premises installation. Controllers and processors can work as a team to provide specific action on data subject information while providing data reports or collected files to adhere to GDPR policy.

Subject Access Requests (SAR)

Rapidly respond to Subject Access Requests by searching unstructured data across your enterprise using a single interface, regardless of location.

Automated Risk Dashboard

Heureka’s automated risk dashboard displays high-risk endpoints along with risk types including PII information. Instantly access current and 30-day views.

Intelligent Endpoint Service

Our intelligent endpoint service creates a full text and metadata index, which is stored locally on the endpoint thus eliminating the need to copy and centralize data.

Respond to Subject Access Requests in Minutes!

Unstructured data has always been challenging for organizations to manage and search. With new regulations and privacy laws, like GDPR, it’s more important than ever to be able to interrogate your unstructured data on-demand and at it’s source.

Heureka has revolutionized this process by giving organizations the power to search across thousands of machines, simultaneously and to surgically target personal information – in minutes! Organizations can now respond quickly and completely to subject access requests.

Heureka makes subject access request compliance easy
Heureka helps respond to SAR requests in minutes

Find The Data You Need, Easily!

Finding PII patterns in unstructured data isn’t the problem – the problem is finding specific personal ID’s.

The Heureka Intelligence Platform provides the ability to search at the content level which allows you to construct targeted search criteria to find the exact ID and its location. Once identified, Heureka can collect samples, quarantine information to a secure location on the network, or defensibly delete the data right at the endpoint.

How Heureka Helps With GDPR Compliance

There are multiple articles within GDPR regulations that Heureka has unique solutions for.  More importantly, Heureka allows controllers and processors to use one common software platform to address multiple needs across an organization. When called upon, a Heureka user may run keyword or Regular Expression searches or queries along with date filters, etc to locate information. To fulfill specific GDPR requirements, Heureka offers the ability to collect, quarantine or delete files where a request has been made (see Article 17, Right to be Forgotten). Heureka’s auto-classification engine can identify users with specific risk with the ability to focus on specific file-based risk.

Article 15 – Right of Access by the Data Subject

Heureka provides unparalleled search capability across your enterprise providing the user the ability to search and report on where personal data may be stored and used. Knowledge of where data resides helps answer questions such as the purpose of processing, the categories and the dates of personal data storage. Best of all, Heureka allows you to easy export a report of the information including file names, dates and exact locations.

Article 18 – Right to restriction of processing

If a data subject requests and is granted the right for a restriction of processing, the processor has two options within the Interrogate workflow. Option one involves uninstalling the endpoint service from the subject’s device. Option two allows the removal of the endpoint(s) from the Interrogate interface thus rendering the capability to search, collect, delete or quarantine from occurring.

Article 33 – Notification of a personal data breach to the supervisory authority

The Heureka platform has the capability of searching and creating an inventory report of an endpoint detailing information such as PII or other specific patterns. Heureka can greatly extend the information available once a breach is recognized by showing what information could have been compromised in a data breach. Additionally, Interrogate track “deleted” files with the ability to potentially recognize files that may have once been in place but are now either moved or deleted.

Article 17 – Right to Erasure (Right to be forgotten)
Heureka has the unique ability to not only search and locate data subject information but to take direct action by quarantining or deleting files directly on endpoints or file shares. This can all be done from a single interface making it much easier to comply to a “Right to be forgotten” request.
Article 20 – Right to data portability
The Heureka platform includes the ability to automatically collect files from any endpoint running the our endpoint service. Collected files are securely stored in either a cloud-based file share or an on-premises FTP or preservation share. Data is collected in native file format while retaining the original file path from which it was stored at endpoint level. .
Article 34 – Communication of a personal data breach to the data subject

A search report can be created for the data subject showing various metadata fields including file name and file path as well as specific PII information that may have been detected by Heureka’s classification engine. This would help a data subject determine the scope and potential risk associated with a data breach.


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GDPR Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can Heureka respond to a Subject Access Request?
Heureka can search across thousands of computers with results in a minute or less. Our tools allow users to rapidly respond to Subject Access Requests and computer inventories including potentially risky files if a data breech is detected.

What types of reports can be generated for Subject Access Requests?
Heureka can export file-level information into a common CSV format or specific GDPR Subject Access Request Tableau reports.

Can Heureka report on deleted files?
Yes. If a data subject has invoked GDPR’s Article 17 (Right to be Forgotten), Heureka can generate a report showing that files have been deleted from endpoints or files shares.

Can specific user information be found versus generic patterns?
Heureka’s search and classification engine allows user to search and identify very specific information such as email addresses or national identification numbers contained within email and email attachments, text documents, log files or commonly used document formats.

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