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Financial Services Case Study

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Client Background:

Accounting and professional services advisory company with over 80,000 employees around the world. Other stats include:

  • $9+ billion in global revenue (2018)
  • Services more than 100 countries
  • Over 1,500 offices world-wide
  • Network of the Year award winner in International Accounting Bulletin

Their Challenge:

Continuously attempting to collect data from computers for internal investigations and downstream legal review in Relativity® E-Discovery review platform.  


  • Sunset of previous data collection package

  • Needed to perform targeted keyword and query searching

  • Inability to silently install endpoint services

  • Many remote locations and no way to handle remote collection.

What They Needed

  • Secure, on-premises solution

  • Easy to deploy/silent deployment

  • Collect unstructured data files from anywhere within the organization to pass to their E-Discovery review platform.

  • Ability to perform targeted searching using keywords and Boolean queries along with date filtering.

The Solution:

The client installed over 4,000 endpoints in a single day using off-the-shelf deployment methods. The installation consisted of laptop and desktop computers. This installation included the following:

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An on-premises system and UI – Allows for extra, behind-the-firewall security and the ability to proactively manage endpoints, PII risk, view risk trends, create reports, conduct searches or take file action.

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“Zero Impact” footprint – Heureka’s unique ability to performance-tune each machine’s CPU and memory usage to throttle the power consumed by the endpoint and thus affecting performance. 

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Customizable indexing  – Ability to customize the indexing path and ability to exclude certain file types from indexing which accelerates overall performance and reduces the time required to index.

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Reduced legal review costs –Ability to collect not only the native files but processed text as well.  This saves time and processing fees related to legal review platforms.



The implementation of Heureka allowed the client to collect data from endpoints in a silent method and provide a format for Relativity to consume. Heureka has multiple output methods for E-Discovery review platforms including Relativity so the client’s workflow method to review can be maintained. 

Most importantly was the ability of Heureka to collect data from endpoints in a silent method and in a format for Relativity® to consume. Heureka has multiple output methods for E-Discovery review platforms including Relativity® so the client’s workflow method to review can be maintained.

Heureka’s distributed approach allowed for quick remote collections to be performed, including long distance collections performed at a remote office site 4,500 miles from the headquarters.

Relativity Export
Heureka Software Search Criteria

Handling collections at the endpoint saved the client massive amounts of time, money and effort as Heureka’s collection request remains in a queue until offline computers come online. In one case, a computer which required searching and collecting was offline for five days during an employee’s vacation but immediately checked-in and performed its action when powered up.

Most importantly, Heureka’s search tools allow this client to search metadata and file content around the world. Targeted searching minimizes the overcollection of information that occurred with this client’s previous collection tools. Heureka pinpoints only those files within the scope of the search so that collections are smaller and more efficient. 

Additionally, the elimination of “self-collection” was critical as internal employees are either non-compliant or extremely slow to respond when a collection request was made. Heureka eliminates the necessity of asking employees to stop their normal daily workflow and allows them to be at maximum productivity. At the same time, the time required to collect information has been drastically reduced thus providing more efficient and timely investigations with better response and completion.