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Spotlight: Heureka to Highlight eDiscovery at PREX

Author: Tim Steele

It’s time to rethink eDiscovery collections.

Heureka President Nate Latessa and Product Manager Dave Ruel will be detailing a better approach to eDiscovery at the upcoming PREX 2019 conference (more information here), where in-house eDiscovery professionals will be seeking actionable strategies.

Nate and Dave will highlight the current challenges to data collection. With corporate data ballooning by 63% per year, outdated collection tools and methods continue the problematic trend of over-collecting and over-processing of non-relevant data. This style of collection proves to be expensive and highly non-responsive, leading to increased time, processing and review costs. There is a better way.

Enter Heureka for eDiscovery.

Enter Heureka’s Intelligent Collection, which features iterative searching and analyzing before collection. This allows for the analysis of data at the point of creation, a true early data assessment and the surgical targeting and collecting of relevant documents.

Heureka leads to cost reduction by significantly reducing non-responsive data and drastically reducing all downstream eDiscovery costs.

The process goes like this:

  1. Distributed full text and metadata index
  2. Search data in place
  3. Analyze results and iterate search or move to collect
  4. Collect native or processed files
  5. Review

In the presentation, Nate and Dave will discuss real-world applications, including international collection and covert internal investigation. In the case of international collection, Heureka can be rapidly deployed behind a firewall overseas, surgically target relevant information and maintain central collection. For covert internal investigations, Heureka is deployed covertly and begins searching within 24 hours to analyze results and refine search.

Heureka provides a more predictable cost model and reduces needless processing and review, while virtually eliminating over-collection.

During the presentation, Heureka runs an Intelligent Collect Demo: Identification & Collection to Review in 15 Minutes while demonstrating data intelligence with our risk dashboard and how searches can be run on Lennox, macOS and Windows. 

The Heureka Intelligence Platform applies beyond eDiscovery. Users can analyze unstructured data to respond quickly to GDPR requests, privacy inquiries, regulatory and compliance events and data governance.

Heureka is a proud PREX sponsor and looks forward to making the presentation. For a sneak peek, click here to download our recent webinar with ACEDS.

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