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The acceleration of data growth

Author: Tim Steele

From streaming TV to social media traffic, the volume of data constantly flowing around the world is simply astounding. An interesting article recently appeared highlighting just how much data movement occurs every minute of every day.

The Data Nevers Sleeps 7.0 report from mobile, cloud-based operating system and analytics company DOMO quantifies just how much data is moving through some of the world’s most popular platforms on a minute-by-minute basis. 

Here’s what takes place during an average minute in 2019:

By the Numbers:

  • 4,497,420: Google searches
  • 18,100,000: Text messages sent
  • 694,444: Hours streamed on Netflix
  • 188,000,000: Emails sent

Incredible, right? Yes, but in 2019 we’re only scratching the surface of activity. Although global internet access is exploding, only 56% of the world’s population had internet connectivity in as of January. 

These stats obviously highlight data in motion. Imagine the amount of data that is getting stored each day both locally and in the cloud? A huge portion (80%) of that data is unstructured and in most cases its content is completely unknown. Managing enterprise risk is as important as ever as data continues to pile up on a daily basis.

Heureka handles data growth

Every day at Heureka we see first hand how the growth of unstructured data is a continual problem for organizations around the globe. To help your own organization manage massive quantities of data, we invite you to learn about Heureka’s in-place indexing and classification. Click here for the full DOMO report.