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Heureka Inc. is Awarded Patent for Proprietary File Analysis Technology

Author: Tim Steele
Heureka Inc., awarded patent
Heureka Inc. awarded patent for proprietary “Remote Processing of Memory and Files Residing on Endpoint Computing Devices.”

Heureka Inc. is Awarded Patent for Endpoint Data Indexing Technology. CLEVELAND, Ohio

Heureka Inc. was awarded patent #10,970,2971 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office ( on April 6, 2021. Heureka is the only file analysis platform of its kind to identify, index, and classify unstructured data in place, and at rest, with minimal impact on infrastructure and end users. Heureka’s platform improves the economics of a burdensome process to remediate and manage unstructured data with savings of at least 35%.

Unstructured Data is Particularly Challenging

Heureka, Inc. awarded patent

Unstructured data represents 80% of all enterprise data and 70% of that is Redundant, Obsolete or Trivial. Unstructured data contains PII and sensitive data, making it a large attack surface for data breaches. And it is a major contributor to data privacy non-compliance and increased litigation costs.

Heureka’s Proprietary Performance

Heureka rapidly deploys, reports, collects, deletes, quarantines and globally classifies data, and established itself as the clear winner against some seasoned software vendors. Heureka substantially address areas beyond – but associated with – DLP, including Data Classification, eDiscovery, and incident response.” (Read Unstructured Data Privacy Compliance blog for this use case)

Heureka improves the effectiveness of and supports workflows for Defensible Deletion, Proportionality, eDiscovery, GRC, Data Privacy and Data Governance. Data governance discipline and data privacy compliance yield an ROI of 270% (Cisco Study).

Heureka supports desktops, laptops and file shares for Linux, Windows, and Apple operating systems.

According to Greg Pacholski, CEO of Heureka, “We are thrilled that the US Patent Office has completed their rigorous process that resulted in awarding this patent. This patent recognizes the uniqueness and differentiating technology that is the core of our offerings. We look forward to evolving our patented technology to address the growing need to manage and reduce the risk associated with unstructured data.”

Company contact:
Tim Steele
M: 330-730-7250

1 – Heureka Inc. Remote Processing of Memory And Files Residing on Endpoint Devices From A Centralized Device.  US 10970297, United States Patent and Trademark Office, 06 April 2021

This blog is about how Heureka Inc. is Awarded Patent for Endpoint Data Indexing Technology.