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The Quest for Data Truth

Author: Tim Steele

Unstructured data can be incredibly powerful, but by itself is useless. Or is it?

It is critical for organizations to have context around their data, including a knowledge of where it is located, what purpose it serves, how it is protected and who manages it.

Let’s consider the following statistics showing a troubling lack of context around data:

By the Numbers:

  • 80% of organizational data is unstructured
  • 70% of data is redundant, obsolete or trivial (ROT)
  • 62% of companies don’t know where their sensitive data resides

Organizations should have a detailed plan that is the responsibility of not only IT personnel but also top executives. And everyone responsible for executing the plan should understand the life cycle of data, from discovery to remediation.

As a best practice, organizations should not collect what they do not need, as there is a cost and risk to possessing and more importantly storing vast amounts of data, regardless of its utility. More importantly, companies need a process by which they can sift through what they already have and classify any unstructured data. Data truth will enhance regulatory readiness, improve security controls, allow for faster data searches and more.

At Heureka, we see the power of context around data every day.

Heureka’s in-place indexing and classification provides rapid data intelligence, allowing you to gain unparalleled visibility and access into unstructured data throughout your network.

Heureka’s system is specifically designed to index, analyze and classify your unstructured data regardless of where it is located within the organization. Gaining full understanding of not only your data but also your data content allows you to protect that which matters most.

Heureka’s centralized dashboard visualizes critical results: what was found, where it was found and who was using the data.

Find Your Data Truth