NCT Ventures and Bridge Investments Join Jumpstart in $1.8M Fundrasing Round for Heureka Software


CLEVELAND, July 25, 2017 /PRNewswire/ –Today, Heureka Software announced the company has added new funding from Columbus-based NCT Ventures and Chicago’s Bridge Investments. Combined with previous funding from Cleveland Venture Development Organization JumpStart Inc. and other angels, this increases Heureka’s current fundraising round to $1.8 million. Continue reading “NCT Ventures and Bridge Investments Join Jumpstart in $1.8M Fundrasing Round for Heureka Software”

Heureka Software team to Bike for a Cure


Heureka’s software team is participating in this year’s VeloSano 2017. Team “Spudded Sprockets” consists of Chris Koehnke, Brad Peck and Cameron Rollheiser. All proceeds from VeloSano are applied to cancer research at Cleveland Clinic.

Many of us or our loved ones have been affected in some way by cancer. Research toward treatment or ultimately the elimination of cancer is the overall goal. Spudded Sprockets hopes to raise $3000 for this cause.

A link to Spudded Sprockets page can be found here


Heureka Software welcomes Kyle Kelly


Heureka Software welcomes our newest team member Kyle Kelly. Kyle comes to us from Salesforce and will continue to live and work in San Francisco. Kyle’s primary role will be as a Sales Engineer with a multitude of responsibilities including sales, training and support.

Kyle has a BSc in Digital Computer Forensics from Champlain College in Vermont and an MSc in Digital Investigation from University College Dublin in Dublin, Ireland. Kyle has spent a considerable amount of time in the E-Discovery space including computer and cell phone forensics as well as review platforms and software. His focus has always been to find the most innovative solution to tackle current and future e-discovery challenges and has extensive enterprise experience.

In his spare time, Kyle loves traveling the globe, brewing beer, attending concerts at local venues or throwing a dodgeball! He is always on the hunt for a good bowl of ramen noodles or some waves to catch.

If you would like to chat with Kyle you can email him here.

Heureka Software releases Interrogate version 2.85


Heureka Software is happy to announce Interrogate version 2.85. Our major focus for this version was to increase speed and create a new user experience especially when working with search results. The search results interface has been rebuilt for better at-a-glance updates. Search and endpoint status views have been rearranged to display more accuracy while file-level actions like collect, quarantine and delete were made easier to use and understand.

The endpoint detail grid now displays the hardware specification for each endpoint including Mac, PC and Linux operating systems as well as physical and virtual installations. Endpoint status is also automatically updated and displayed during the various phases of Interrogate file interaction including searching, collecting, quarantining and deleting.

Heureka’s automatic classification engine has also been improved to speed up the daily reindexing of information. Cloud-based installations will automatically update with version 2.85. For on-prem installations, please contact Heureka support.

For more information on Interrogate, please contact Nate Latessa.

Heureka Software Releases Version 2.80

Heureka Software is pleased to announce the release of version 2.80 of the Heureka Intelligence Platform. Version 2.80 focuses on new file actions including the ability to delete or quarantine files on Mac, PC and Linux machines. Additionally, version 2.80 includes auto-endpoint updating which results in reduced IT department involvement in deployment and future updates. Speed, accuracy and additional automation have also been increased throughout the system.

Heureka’s quarantine collects files to a centralized location leaves a placeholder (stub) file using the original file path. This function is perfect for any company who identifies sensitive data on unauthorized endpoints and wants to move or protect the file while leaving a placeholder behind as a reminder to the end user that the file has been removed. The bulk-delete action places the power of file remediation in the hands of the Interrogate user and enables the removal of items such as files containing sensitive data and unauthorized files or programs from any endpoint regardless of their geographic location.

Our classification engine now automatically identifies bank routing numbers (ABA and MICR) and potentially offensive words and terms. Users also have the ability to view file indexing exceptions which are auto-tagged on the main dashboard. This helps users in the E-Discovery space create the necessary exception lists.

User interface changes include the reorganization of the search results for faster viewing and additional actions cards which track user name, time and date stamping for auditing purposes. Exporting search results to a csv file is now faster for extremely larger exports giving users the ability to visualize and analyze results in programs such as Tableau and Tibco Spotfire.

With actions such as collect, delete and quarantine as well as exporting of search results, Heureka now puts unparalleled functionality in the hands of users across multiple industries and workflows.

If you would like to see a demo of the new functionality, please contact Nate Latessa here.