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The Heureka team is gearing up for our next release!

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Heureka Shared Intelligence Part 2

Our last post discussed Heureka’s concept of shared intelligence focused on risk information flowing from the Heureka platform to outside vendors such as Relativity, ServiceNow, or iCONECT. This week we touch on the future by discussing intelligence flowing from outside systems like review or cyber-security platforms back into the Heureka platform. We refer to this as reverse intelligence. Continue reading “Heureka Shared Intelligence Part 2”

Heureka Intelligence – Want to Share?

One of the highlights of the Heureka platform involves multi-layered intelligence gained from each installed endpoint. The first layer is a high-level dashboard tracking and displaying risk across all Heureka installed endpoints. The second layer reveals a deeper level of knowledge based on file-level details showing auto-classified risk or tags generated for regular expression searching on items such as intellectual property, GDPR privacy information, or unique patterns such as student id’s.  Continue reading “Heureka Intelligence – Want to Share?”